Anderson Ferreira, one of Laurens instructors in Sao Paulo sent some pictures to us of Lauren with her district and while she was making contacts in downtown Sao Paulo on 3/29/2010. (To see more pictures visit her blog.)

Lauren with her district in Sao Paulo.

Another with her District.

She's surrounded

Talking with a lady in downtown.

Lauren's now in Natal Brazil!
"I am super excited! My companion is Sister Dias she is here from Sao Paulo and it's been a good week!"

Sister Dias and Sister Richardson

The green pin is POTENGI (her neighborhood area) in the city of Natal Brazil.

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Here's how she got there...

"I made it! Wahoo! SO great to be here! I left the CTM (in Sao Paulo) yesterday morning (3/31/10) at 5:30 accidentally waking up at 5:20 am! Ahh! but at least I didn't get left behind :) Well I arrived yesterday afternoon with 5 elders and was picked up by the mission president and his wife! Very nice and it was great to get a hug! We had grilled cheese sandwiches and man they were sooooo good. Seriously. especially after cafeteria food for 2 months. We talked about health and the mission rules and got to know the president. He and his wife seem awesome! also we had dinner at their house and geez it was soo good and weird to NOT eat in a cafeteria. haha. They said we should take pictures of where we would live and our house and room so I'm excited to take pictures and send them."

"I also still don't have a companion! tudo bem! I spent the night at the presidents house not in a bunk but in a queen bed and room all to myself. But I will meet my companion in about an hour! Her name is Sister Dias and everybody says she is really cool. Very fun so I'm really excited. Right now (4/1/10) I'm at the bus station waiting for my her to arrive. So far I've walked to the bus station and that's it. So sorry no exciting stories yet, but I'm sure I will have plenty by next week."

"Last week, the elders and I walked over to the post office to mail some stuff. On the way I saw sister Hallman and about 8 other missionaries all huddled around this man trying to understand him. I walked up and we were trying to understand him, but it was a little difficult because he had no teeth. He was asking about the promise that the Prophet Moroni gives in the last book of the Book of Mormon in chapter 10 verses 3-5. I tried to explain but he wasn't satisfied with the answer. Finally we had to continue on and but before he left he asked for a prayer and choose sister Hallman to pray. She did and prayed for him by name. It was so neat because after she was done Something she said touched his heart and he knew and felt it was true He said that He knew God had sent us to him that day and he knew the Book of Mormon was true. I asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes! Because we can't be there to teach him he will meet with the the Elders in that area."

I'm very excited for Easter. This week is so special to remember the death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. He blessed so much by giving us the opportunity to repent from our sins and be clean and be like Him. He is the only way that we can return to our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ has suffered all things. He has been lower than any of us and because of that He can always lift us up if we let Him. I hope that we can remember what He did and make a new effort to be more like Him. Maybe better in our prayers and talk with God more sincerely or being slow to anger and quick to forgive. Finding things to be thankful for whenever things are tough.

Sister Richardson

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Lauren sent pictures! Click here to see her pictures. Click on any picture to see larger size. Here's what she sent:
  • Her first sister companion - Sister Dias
  • Her apartment and with kitchen
  • MTC and CTM pictures
  • All the sisters in the CTM together