Also this past week we were walking home from our lunch and we past a house with a bunch of Jambo fruit. I had never had any and i really wanted some so we hung out under the tree and waited for a moment to see if any would fall. I had a really good idea “Dear God, of it’s ok can you please let some jambo fall from the tree just so I have a little taste? Thank you. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.” Then we looked up and waited like 5 seconds and then 7 jambo fell from the tree!? Sweet!? And it was just enough for a good taste :)

Something funny is we saw a blond girl the other day. She was way white but just as white or blond as any American. But Sister Dias and I just stared like we had never seen it before hahahahha AND! I’m learning to cook. I have learned to make an amazing carrot cake from scratch and chocolate frosting. Bolo de Senora com cuberito de Chocolate yum! I’ll make it when I get home and also I think next week I’m gonna learn to make black beans :)

It was so weird the first time i was waking down the sand road with donkeys around me and I hear backstreet boys or some other American band, hahha. I’m in Brazil but I’m hearing English. Some members try to get me to translate for them. People here really like the States and a lot of them want to go to the United States. A few of the Girls in the ward or young men want to serve missions to and want to go to the US. A lot want to go to Utah because that is where a majority of the missionaries are from. Also some cute little girls that live on our street like 5 years old cam up and told us this week that they were playing pretend sister missionaries. That was pretty cool :) A woman in the ward had us over to her house the other day for lunch and she found out I was from Texas, The Country of Texas to be exact. Somebody took the liberty of teaching her that Texas is its own country :) He taught her well!

Graziete a super cool lady in the ward. Well we have been helping her paint and are trying to teach other members in her family go to church too. She has a daughter who was I Spain on a scholarship for the sport handball. I haven’t ever seen handball but its pretty popular around here. Anyway she came home to visit for a month and we got to meet her. She is way cool and wants us to teach her boyfriend. She is also like 6 feet 2 and is going to Japan for the OLYMPICS. She’s going to train in Sao Paulo for a bit and then head to Japan. I think it’s the Junior Olympics but it’s pretty sweet. Graziete was sooooo happy! We had scheduled to help paint the walls and then eat lunch. We had churrasco;. kind of like bbq and this stew with beans and a bunch of random cow parts. I just had the beans. BUT THEN Marcia asked if I had ever had TRIPA! NOOOOOOOOOOOOoo and then appeared this crusty white snake looking thing on the bbq plate. She cut off a peace and gave it to me!!!!!!!!!!! It was SMALL INTESTINE OF A COW!!!!!!!!!! She said Eat it! NO! Eat it No! Here! I took it in my hand and screamed!!!!!! ahhh it was sooo gross!! Eat it! Ahhh AND THEN I ATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! It was terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It tasted like deep fried salt! ugh soooo gross. She said next time I’m gonna have bishu (aka cow stomach and tongue!) Holy moly.

Baptism is so special. It is done by being completely immersed in the water and symbolizes being cleansed of sin. If you have a dirty shirt you don’t just wash the sleeves and the collar and call it good. You have to wash the whole thing. That is why you are baptize you must completely go under the water. It also symbolizes the death of sin and new life when you come out of the water that your sins have been washed away and you are clean again.

We are excited for Jonathan’s baptism next week. Also Joanna and Mario. Joana had a heart attack last week and was in the hospital for almost the whole week. She got out a couple days ago and is feeling a little better. She came to church yesterday and said that she is going to church whether Mario wants to or not, cuz she wants too. She is determined and is still very excited for baptism.

I love being a missionary and it’s something special when you put your heart into something. You are happy when the people you love and teach make progress and choose to follow the Lord, but when they turn away it defiantly hurts too. I know that this is where I’m supposed to be and I don’t regret being here right now instead of at home. I love the people and I love the gospel I know that Jesus Christ is the only way that we can come back to live with our father in heaven. I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon, the Bible, all the prophets and their righteousness.