Lauren has a talk (like a speech) at church tomorrow.  You are all welcome to attend.  Services start at 9:00 am Sunday.  She'd love it if you could make it.  Here are the details...

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
8140 Racine Trl
Austin, TX 78717
9:00 am

Here's what we know about Laurens trip home:

Yesterday was Laurens last day in her area in Joao Pessoa.  She probably said lots of goodbyes and then in the afternoon traveled across the city to the mission office with other missionaries to have an 'exit' dinner with President and Sister Hall.

This morning, very early, she got in a van and traveled south about 2 hours to the city of Recife.  There she attended the temple with other missionaries who are also going home.  Hopefully she also got to meet up with Waldemar y Herminia Arballo. An awesome couple from Brazil that we knew here in Round Rock.  They are serving as missionaries at the Recife temple.

TAM Linhas Aéreas
After attending the temple she was off to the airport to catch a 12:30 flight to Sao Paulo.  Sao Paulo will bring back lots of memories!  Being in the same place she started 18 months a go will probably make it sink in that she's really coming home.  She has a layover of 5+ hours in Sao Paulo then gets on a red-eye flight to Detroit.  She'll wake up landing in Detroit around 8 in the morning tomorrow.  Then wait another 5+ hours in the airport for her flight to Austin.

She should arrive at the Austin airport at 4:00 tomorrow.  That's a 31 hour trip!  We can't wait to see her!  She doesn't know but we're taking her to Rudy's after the airport. 

Remember the open house is Saturday from 6 to 9.