Dia dos Namorados is the Brazilian equivalent of Valentines Day. To me valentines day is a day to remember the people you love, not to remember what you don't have but to show appreciation to all you do have. To say I love you to all the people you love, friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, neighbors everyone that is in your heart. Here is a poem from the Ensign November 2007 it is titled “Don’t Leave for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today” and I thought it expressed the importance of the people you love.

I recently read a text which expresses the urgency of not leaving for tomorrow what you can do today. In July of this year Brazil witnessed the most devastating aircraft accident in its history. There were 199 people killed, including passengers, airline workers, crew members, and others who were at the site when the accident happened. The text I mentioned was said to have been posted on the airline communication board by the husband of one of the flight attendants who died in the accident. It is entitled “Tomorrow Never Comes” and is based upon a poem by Norma Cornett Marek.

If I knew this would be the last time I would watch you sleep,
I would hug you tighter. I would plead with the Lord to protect you.
If I knew this would be the last time I saw you walk out the door,
I would hug and kiss you and call you back to hug and kiss you one more time.
If I knew this would be the last time I would hear your voice in prayer,
I would record every gesture, every look, every smile, every one of your words,
So that I could listen to it later, day after day.
If I knew this would be the last time,
I would spend an extra minute or two to tell you, “I love you,” instead of assuming you already knew it.
If I knew this would be our last time, our last moment,
I would be by your side, spending the day with you instead of thinking,
“Well, I’m sure other opportunities will come, so I can let this day go by.”
Of course there will be a day to revise things,
And we would have a second chance to do things right.
Oh, of course there will be another day for us to say, “I love you.”
And certainly there will be another chance to tell each other, “Can I help with anything?”
But in my case, there isn’t one!
I don’t have you here with me, and today is the last day we have—our farewell.
Therefore I would like to say how much I love you,
And I hope you never forget it.
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old.
Today might be your last chance to hold tight to the hand of the one you love and show all you feel.
If you are waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today?
Because if tomorrow never comes, you certainly will regret for the rest of your life
Not having spent some extra time for a smile, a conversation, a hug, a kiss,
Because you were too busy to give that person what ended up being their last wish.
Then hug tight today the one you love, your friends, your family, and whisper in their ears how much you love them and want them close to you.
Use your time to say,
“I’m sorry,”
“Forgive me,”
“Thank you,”
Or even,
“That was nothing,”
“It’s all right,”

Because if tomorrow never comes, you will not have to regret today.
The past doesn’t come back, and the future might not come!
The man that wrote this poem woke up one morning to see his wife walking out the door for work. She was an airline attendant. He thought to get up and give her a kiss and say goodbye but was to tired and went back to sleep. She never came back. Her plane crashed and killed 199 people. I felt like I should read this in testimony meeting. It seems like families everywhere are falling apart. Everybody is getting divorced or separating and kids hate their parents and their siblings. it seemed that so many of the hardships within families could be solved if we just said i love you and decided to forgive and forget instead of hold on too our pride.

Jesus Christ is the perfect example and If we follow him and learn of his attributes like faith, virtue, knowledge, patience, temperance charity, humility and diligence that we can have a better life and a lot more happiness. Be careful with the words we say when we're are angry and take the time to listen to others. We have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason. I love you too those you love, not just on valentines day or Dia dos namorados but everyday because tomorrow might be too late.

We had another baptism! Maneol was baptized on Sunday and was sooo excited to finally be baptized. He wanted to get baptized along time ago but couldn't because he has some problem with his heart or lungs. The name is emodialious in Portuguese. He has problems with his organs and had some tubes put in his neck that if any water got in would kill him. Well last week he came up and was like hey sisters look! He showed us the the tubes and was super excited cuz they were different. We were like yeah different that is good. But he was so excited! Then he says but now i can get baptized! I went to the doctor and he put a plastic on it and he asked him if he can i get baptized now. The doctor said "Yes you can!" He was soo happy! At sacrament meeting he came and was taking to me showing me the new plastic and telling me all about how excited he was thinking about how his life was going to be different and he even bore his testimony during the meeting about the gospel of Jesus Christ.