We had another baptism! Maneol was baptized on Sunday and was sooo excited to finally be baptized. He wanted to get baptized along time ago but couldn't because he has some problem with his heart or lungs. The name is emodialious in Portuguese. He has problems with his organs and had some tubes put in his neck that if any water got in would kill him. Well last week he came up and was like hey sisters look! He showed us the the tubes and was super excited cuz they were different. We were like yeah different that is good. But he was so excited! Then he says but now i can get baptized! I went to the doctor and he put a plastic on it and he asked him if he can i get baptized now. The doctor said "Yes you can!" He was soo happy! At sacrament meeting he came and was taking to me showing me the new plastic and telling me all about how excited he was thinking about how his life was going to be different and he even bore his testimony during the meeting about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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