Sister De Oliveira got a new companion. she is training too! sis haygood and i are still here in bayeux and sis de oliveira will be in bayeux centro. that is exactly what we were wanting!!!

Yesterday we went to João pessoa and hung out in the escritorio all day while sister De Oliveria was waiting for her companion. we got to eat at subways! right across the beach! we couldn't go across the street, but it was beautiful even just to see it! perfect weather and not to sunny. we were there with some of the elders who were training too well we were all waiting for subways to open. and then a bunch of kids came over. they were in high school and they sat down and started talking. I decided to go over there and talk with them there were like 6 boys and asked them their names and then just talking to them. Subways opened and they all ran in front of us to get the food. dang it. but it was ok. so we were in line and one of the boys was in front of me and i was debating if i should try and talk to him or not, cuz i didn't want the manager to get angry and he was fixing to order his food, but i couldn't resist and just talked to him. He actually looked like my friend Loren who served in Russia his name is lucas and is 17 he was way cool.taught him about the plan of salvation and who and why we need Jesus Christ that all of us wouldn't have a way to get back to heavenly father because we sin. we needed a salvador. He is going to church this Sunday, but he´s in the elders area so i wont see him anymore

Also we got to hear fro Elder Arújo! He is the new seventy of our mission and he is suuuupper coool!!! HE taught us a ton of stuff and he is super on fire about missionary work . ILOVED it! He talked ab out how the biggest sin of misisonary work is not opening your mouth. Just talk to everyone and Obedience! being 100% obedient and giving it your all. Ive been thinking alot now that I'm at the last 3 months. How do i want to be different how can I be better. I wish i could of known all this at the start of my mission. Or understood it really. I knew somethings, just didn't get it really. I just want to focus on doing my 100% and really giving everthing ive got cuz the people and God deserve it. I worked really hard before, but i have to do more now. its time to apply EVERYTHING. trust in the Lord and GO. I'm supper happy here in brasil. its the best. I'm excited to be with sister Haygood. she´s really chill and loves the work. she is from Arkansas so if we are going there by chance when i get back we can visit her family.

sister Richardson