Sunday we were walking to lunch and on the way i said hi to a lady like normal. Then that evening, yesterday, when we went to almirs. It was late, 8:30, and we felt like we should stop by.  I clapped my hands (in Brazil you clap your hands in front of the house instead of knocking on the door) and called out almir!   Then a lady came to the door and opened a mini door and stuck out her face and smiled! Which was kinda weird cuz ppl normally look a little weird or confused. She opened the gate an said "i knew you would come, i saw you today, down there and you said hi and god told me in my heart that girl in the black dress, those two girls, are going to your house today looking for your son." Man i felt the holy ghost so strong and a peace and it was amazing that she knew that we would come. i don't remember her face when i first saw her, but isn't it amazing how God puts the people in our path!!!! God is really in control and he has a plan for us, we just have to do what is right!!! man and she has soooo much faith. her other son has past through many trials too, but man after she told us i just loved amlir so much and heavenly father too cuz i have the opportunity to be an instrument in his hands. i get to see so many miracles and how many of his children are suffering. everybody needs the gospel. Jesus Christ fixes everything and seeing it makes soo much difference in my life to see these people broken and now made whole. Being a missionary is the best thing in the world!