Graziete a super cool lady in the ward. Well we have been helping her paint and are trying to teach other members in her family go to church too. She has a daughter who was I Spain on a scholarship for the sport handball. I haven’t ever seen handball but its pretty popular around here. Anyway she came home to visit for a month and we got to meet her. She is way cool and wants us to teach her boyfriend. She is also like 6 feet 2 and is going to Japan for the OLYMPICS. She’s going to train in Sao Paulo for a bit and then head to Japan. I think it’s the Junior Olympics but it’s pretty sweet. Graziete was sooooo happy! We had scheduled to help paint the walls and then eat lunch. We had churrasco;. kind of like bbq and this stew with beans and a bunch of random cow parts. I just had the beans. BUT THEN Marcia asked if I had ever had TRIPA! NOOOOOOOOOOOOoo and then appeared this crusty white snake looking thing on the bbq plate. She cut off a peace and gave it to me!!!!!!!!!!! It was SMALL INTESTINE OF A COW!!!!!!!!!! She said Eat it! NO! Eat it No! Here! I took it in my hand and screamed!!!!!! ahhh it was sooo gross!! Eat it! Ahhh AND THEN I ATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! It was terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It tasted like deep fried salt! ugh soooo gross. She said next time I’m gonna have bishu (aka cow stomach and tongue!) Holy moly.

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