We want to thank all those who came to Lauren's open house last night. We think 80-100 of you came! She hopes you all had a good time. She tried to talk to all of you but realized by the end that she missed some of you. Thank you for bringing so much food - much more than we expected.

She really appreciates all the cards and gifts too. She opened them after everyone had left and was so excited to see what you gave her and all the kind words you wrote to her. 

If you want to call and talk to Lauren before she goes, but you don’t have her cell number, you can contact her parents or leave a comment at the bottom of this posting and we’ll let Lauren know you want to talk to her.

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    Anonymous said...

    Hey Lauren! Sorry I couldn't make it to your open house. But I hope you have a great time and accomplish everything you set on doing over there. Be safe and hope to talk to you soon.

    Your friend,

    Benson Taing

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