We haven't heard from Lauren yet. Her preparation day ("P-Day") must have been at the end of the week. Missionaries are only allowed to write letters one day a week. We figure we'll get her first letter any day now. Since there's nothing to tell you about her first week I'll just call this week #0. Below are some pictures of Lauren's first time through the temple. These were taken on January 8th. We got there late in the day so it was getting dark by the time we took these.

This is a photo she didn't want to use for her mission picture - but now that she's not in control of this blog I'll take the liberty of showing it to you.

All cold and bundled up in front of the San Antonio Temple. If you want to see real nice pictures of this temple click here.

Lauren with Mom and Dad. The reason we build temples is right here in this photo. Know why mormons build temples? Everything we do in the temple is centered around Jesus Christ. It is a house of learning and anyone is welcome who prepares well.

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