We received the first letter from Lauren! She is having a great time in the MTC. She says she is a "solo" sister meaning that she does not have her own sister companion - instead she has two Elders as companions! There are no other sisters going to Brasil from her group. She spends all day with 10 Elders in class, lunch and gym. At night she rooms with 3 sisters going to different missions. She says "All of the elders in my district are awesome there are 11 of us altogether. Every time I walk in the room they all stand up for respect and take my trays at lunch! Ahha they treat me like a queen and pretty much do anything I say haha but don't worry I don't have too much fun with that haha. Also I have 3 other girls that I live with Sister Marshall, Davis and Harper."

She also says "I am learning Portuguese! It is easy to understand and i comprehend about 90% but still have to work on the pronunciation. But it is good because I help out the elders and they help me with my grammar which I'm not so good at.."

About her schedule she says; "Well I have a crazy schedule! I get up at 6 or 6:30 am everyday and then have breakfast for about 30 or 45 min at like 7:30 or something. We also study for an hour on our own in the scriptures anything personal. Then we have companion study for an hour and we share with comps what we learned and work on other things together. Then we have language study for an hour. Then another hour of study time for whatever we need and then lunch at 1pm. Then class at 2 till 6 and a teacher teaches us language and some scriptural or lesson planning. Then dinner at 6. Then at 7 till 9 class and then planning till 9:30. Then we have to be in bed by 10:30. I think that is like 9 hours studying. I am actually able to concentrate! Miracle! But we have tons of fun too. "

She is still waiting for her visa; "There are about 200 missionaries waiting on visas for brasil! And they are starting to trickle in! So it could be any day now that I fly or it could be weeks some missionaries have been waiting 13 weeks... " When she does get her visa she will probably fly out the next morning, leaving the MTC by 5am! We'll let all of you know as soon as we know - which might not be till she lands in Brasil - but that could be months. [Brazilians spell it with an s]

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