Well, work is going good in the new area, bayeux centro. the members are giving tons of references, Thursday the entire day until 7 was references! The members are awesome! Next week we're going to have a noite de integraçao an activity for people to bring their friends and its all about missionary work.

Conference was great! i love the talks and all the things i was able to learn from the speakers and the spirit. it was so neat to hear all the apostles and i cant wait to get the conference liahona to read. especially because the priesthood session is always really good. really cool hearing elder Bednar thinking he got revelation to talk about revelation her in joao pessoa.(read or watch)  What stood out to me most was the talk by and he said we will be Judged first for what we do, our actions and second for what we desire. We might have good intentions in our hearts, God will take that into consideration, but we have to act. Faith without works is dead (James 2:17, 26). You need them both. we had several people that came too and wellington came to 3 sessions. he loved it! Even took out his earring, and we never said anything. ALmir and his mom came, and elizete, elisangelas mom.  

Wiliana is progressing, shes been to church about 2 months now and yesterday after the conference she ran up smiling and super happy to let us know that she knows the church is true. She is a super sweet girl and she deserves to be happy. Well anaflavia is still going and teaching with us and she is thinking a lot about serving a mission! hahah! we are super excited and she totally is liking the idea.

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