Well Elizete is progressing a ton. This week we went over to teach the first lesson again and she surprised us that she has quit smoking! It’s been a whole week now! She smoked since she was 10! That's 35+ years. She said her mom did in a pipe and she thought it was pretty. 

She is so happy to stop and feels free, cuz she was a prisoner to it, angry and agitated when she did smoke and when she didn’t too. It’s interesting to see how keeping the commandments leaves us free and breaking them makes us prisoners. Another couple is having super difficulties, they drink and drink and the situation just gets worse and worse, cuz they never escape the problem, just worsen it and are not themselves and fight and feel like hurting themselves or others. 

I knew these things were bad before my mission, but here I can SEE how it actually works. I just think of that scripture that talks about the devil leading people carefully down to hell. Because it is so true, starts by a little bit today a little tomorrow and then next you’re the drunk guy passed out on the street every afternoon. Brain-dead. It's sooo sad that people don’t want to listen to the commandments that bless us.

GOT TP?  We ran out of toilet paper and found this in the church.

WOW!  Almost as good as IHOP back home!

Lauren with one of their investigators

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