Well so this week was great :) Sister De olivieira, sister haygood and i each had our first falls on the mission. pretty good for a year and 2 months. So its been raining a ton. I slipped hardcore on some mud and really should have broken something cuz i fell big time. just a tiny bruise tought. :) Sister haygood slipped in the rain walking up the steps and got a bloody toe and blood blister and sister De olivira slipped without the rain.hahah but she fell right on her knee. and scrapped it up big time. she has knee problems so i was supper worried, but shes ok now. she was the only one that realy got hurt. Weve been having fun thought becuase i lost my umbrela so we just go out in the rain. last tuesday we got poured on 5 times but nobody got a cold :) Weve been having a lot of fun together and learning alot. everyone says trios are hard, but so far we are a great team.

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